The many facets of   |   SCRIPT™  |    Old-world artistry meets a modern sensibility in the vibrant and versatile decorative handles of the Script collection
SELECT YOUR SPOUT    |   Choose between an arch or low spout to complete the Script Decorative look.
Script Sink Faucet, Arch Spout
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SAINT-LOUIS CRYSTAL    |   The jewel-like crystal knobs of Script Saint-Louis are true works of art. Each one is hancrafted using old-world techniques of blown crystal and exquisite hand etching from the artisans at Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis of France   [ SEE SAINT-LOUIS > ] SPRING RAIN ENAMEL    Script Spring Rain flaunts its artistry and design with handle inserts adorned with hand-painted floral scenes. The inserts are crafted in the art of cloisonné	—a time-honored technique made famous by twentieth century jewelers.  [ SEE SPRING RAIN >  ] PORCELAIN    |    The detailed crisscross pattern of the porcelain handles was inspired by the art of microfacets as seen in everything from high fashion to flawless jewelry. The exquisite hand-poured porcelain handles of this timeless collection will leave a lasting impression. [ SEE PORCELAIN > ] CELESTE BLUE RIPPLE ENAMEL   |   The pattern in the ripple enamel reflects unmistakable craftsmanship. The enamel adornments are crafted in the intricate style of guilloche to create the delicate pattern that lends an element of serenity to the room. [ SEE ENAMEL > ]